Bali is truly an heaven on Earth. its a place I can say designed for Gods of Heaven to rest themselves. Its so Amazing to see such naturally preserved Beauty of nature..... One wonders if Heaven really looks similar to BALI.Now, In Bali, The Temples are Unique an mysterious on its own. The Religious ceremonies performed would leave you in stitches as though you are sitting beneath Gods feet. I have sensed a very strange Feeling of divine presence in most of the temples here in Bali.. try listening to the natural beats of music which can be seen sold at many outlets. God must have Designed Bali as his place to rest his feet, this i wonder as the beautiful sunrise and sunset which sets right in front of you while you sit by the beach munching the sumptuous juicy foods of the sea. The Moment the sun sinks in, you will experience the mystical performances of Balinese Dances and music. That alone will bring you into another Dimension....To me, its great to just let go of my busy nature and environment and take a big break to join with nature and live and experience this feeling of being Balinese.... Experiencing a very Ancient still living HINDU culture will certainly keep your bodily hair standing on ends..... what more, Go and experience BALI and you will know what I mean when i mean Mystical Bali....Will write more on the experiences of Bali in my later Reviews, if anyone is Interested... Take care & God Bless... Kevin Visited December 2010 Kevin4179 Malaysia Source :

About Bali On Bike

"Fabulous Bali cycling and riding and tour experience, with our mountain bikes to enjoy the whole heart of Bali in a glimpse ! a must have memory for every tourist. Lovely cycling experience. Working out on the 3 uphill climbs and you wll now well gravity works. The best genuine experience of our entire balinese culture at a glimpse by riding 95% only through wonderful landscape of ubud and ancient balinese way ancient of life."